Til (Un)Death Do Us Part

This story was originally published on my old blog site on October 7, 2016

Til (Un)Death Do Us Part

He looked at her with a hunger.  He had always though she was beautiful, but today, there was something about her that made him crave her even more.

They were High School sweethearts. Neither of their families thought they were going to make it together, but 6 years later, they were going strong.

They had survived post High School retail jobs together, college together, and even living in their tiny one bedroom apartment together.

They had hoped to survive The Outbreak together.

And for the last 9 months, they had.

He had managed to kill the zombie and secure their apartment once again, but not without injury.  An hour later she had locked herself in the bathroom, hoping he’d get tired and move on. It wasn’t long before he was able to break through the door. 

As he stared at her, he remembered their love, but it was fleeting as he focused more and more on the blood he could smell coursing through her veins, as he craved the feeling of her flesh between his teeth, the brain that he knew held so much knowledge, but that would also keep him alive, in a sense.  
“You promised.” She said, as she stretched out her arm.  “You promised we’d go out together. No matter what.” That was true.  And as he placed her soft pale arm in his mouth, he kept his promise.