A Day in the Life of Harold Abrams

This story was originally published on my old blog site on October 14, 2016

A Day in the Life of Harold Abrams

“It’s supposed to rain today.” Laurel said to her husband, Harold who sat in his armchair on the other side of the living room.  “Good thing we are staying in today.” She said, putting the newspaper down onto the table beside her.  

A whistle came from the kitchen. “Oh, looks like the kettle is done, I’ll get us some tea.” She stood up slowly and carefully and puttered her way into the kitchen. Harold stayed in his armchair. Laurel came back with two steamy cups of hot tea.

“I got you some Chamomile. It was the last box in the store, you sure are lucky.” She placed the tea cup next to Harold and then went back to her chair next to the window. There, she sipped her tea as she did the crossword puzzle in the paper.

“Do you know a 5 letter word for a clearing in a forest?” Laurel asked her husband.  Harold sat in his armchair on the other side of the room.

“Yeah, this is a tricky one. Very unusual for a Wednesday.”  A moment later, there was a knock on the door. “Were you expecting company?” Laurel asked, looking over to Harold.  Harold sat in his armchair. “Me neither.” She said, and stood. She opened the door, keeping the chain lock locked so the door would stay mostly closed. “Yes?”

“I have a delivery for a Laurel Abrams. Is that you?” It was the parcel carrier.

“Oh how nice!” She exclaimed. “Is a signature required?”

“No Ma’am.” 

“Then would you mind just setting it there on the porch.  I’m not quite decent you see.”

“Oh of course.” He said, setting the delivery on the porch. “Have a good rest of your day.” He went back to his truck. Once he was gone, she went out to retrieve the delivery.  It was a vase of flowers. They were big and bright and beautiful. 

“Oh look at this, Harold. Someone sent us some flowers. Let’s see who they are from.” Laurel read the card.

“To my dearest friend, Laurel on this, the anniversary of Harold’s death. May he continued to rest in peace and you continue to live in it.
With love, 

“Oh look at this, Harold. Connie sent us some flowers.  How sweet.” She went back over to Harold who was still sitting in his armchair and placed the vase next to him.  “Oh dear, you have a little something.” She said, and brushed a cobweb off of his face, right near his left temple. “There. Much better.” She went back across the room and sat.

“Now lets see if we can finish this crossword.”